Exo By Fonda Lee Audiobook

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  • Duration: 11 hours, 26 minutes
  • Writer: Fonda Lee
  • Publisher: February 2017
  • Narrators: MacLeod Andrews
  • Genres: MacLeod Andrews
  • Rating: 4.67
  • Narrator Rating: 3
  • Publication:

Exo By Fonda Lee Audiobook

The fight for the future begins.

It’s been a century of peace since Earth became a colony of an alien race with far reaches into the galaxy. Some die-hard extremists still oppose their rule on Earth, but Donovan Reyes isn’t one of them. His dad holds the prestigious position of Prime Liaison, and Donovan’s high social standing along with his exocel (a remarkable alien technology fused to his body) guarantee him a bright future in the security forces. That is, until a routine patrol goes awry and Donovan’s abducted by the human revolutionary group Sapience, determined to end alien control.

When Sapience realizes whose son Donovan is, they think they’ve found the ultimate bargaining chip. But the Prime Liaison doesn’t negotiate with terrorists, not even for his own son. Left in the hands of terrorists who have more uses for him dead than alive, the fate of Earth rests on Donovan’s survival. Because if Sapience kills him, it could spark another intergalactic war. And Earth didn’t win the last one…

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