Adrift By Paul Griffin Audiobook

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  • Duration: 5 hours, 17 minutes
  • Writer: Paul Griffin
  • Publisher: August 2015
  • Narrators: Paul Griffin
  • Genres: Paul Griffin
  • Rating: 4
  • Narrator Rating: 0
  • Publication:

Adrift By Paul Griffin Audiobook

From critically acclaimed author Paul Griffin comes a fast-paced young adult novel about four very different teens lost at sea with no one to count on but themselves.
Matt and Mike are best friends, just two working-class guys trying to earn some money in Montauk for the summer. When they meet Driana, JoJo, and Stef, three friends who live a much different life of privilege, Matt and Mike find themselves in a sticky situation where temptation rivals sensibility.

Worlds collide when the group ventures out to sea aboard a small boat that Stef sneaks out from her dad’s dock. As the waves rise and the fragile vessel weakens, things go horribly wrong. Adrift at sea for days, who will have what it takes to survive?

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