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  • Duration: 4 hours, 52 minutes
  • Writer: Avi
  • Publisher: March 2013
  • Narrators: John McDonough
  • Genres: John McDonough
  • Rating: 0
  • Narrator Rating: 0
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Poppy and Rye By Avi Audiobook

Poppy has saved the creatures of Dimwood Forest from the terrible owl who killed her beloved Ragweed. Now she intends to travel west, to tell Ragweed’s family the sad news. With her grumpy, but loyal porcupine friend Ereth by her side, the spirited deermouse sets out on a journey that will test her courage, but also lead her to a new love. Along the way, Poppy meets a charming golden mouse who looks like Ragweed, and together on the meadow, they dance a silent dance of love at first sight. But when Poppy reaches her destination, she finds that Ragweed’s family is in trouble. Greedy, dam-building beavers are taking over their valley home. Once again it is up to Poppy to save the day. Of course, it can be very helpful to have a porcupine on your side. This is the highly anticipated sequel to Avi’s Horn Book Award-winning, best-selling Poppy. The colorful creatures of Avi’s legendary imagination spring to life with narrator John McDonough’s warm, grandfatherly reading.

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